1360 - Abschied der Vironauten
The Farewell of the Vironauts
Robert Feldhoff

In February 447, Reginal Bull and Irmina Kotschistowa receive a message from It urging for the return of the Vironauts into the Milky Way. The super-intelligence tells them a catastrophe is about to happen and the viral substance of their spaceships must be used against it.

After taking on board the Ophalian Singer Salaam Siin, Atlan heads over to Eden-Nova, a rendezvous point outside Absantha-Shad picked by It. With Salaam Siin's help, Atlan realizes that Jen Salik has been successful in lifting the Ban of the Cosmocrats, and that he and Bull are therefore now capable of returning to the Milky Way.

On July 31st, 447, all the Vironauts start their long journey back, while Ronald Tekener, Jennifer Thyron, Roi Danton, Demeter and Alaska Saedelaere choose to return in Estartu's Sphere of Influence.

Cedric Beust 2005-07-12

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