1359 - Der letzte Krieger
The Last Warrior
Ernst Vlcek

Ijarkor and Stalker meet in the Dark Sky and decide to prepare the Twelve Galaxies for the return of Estartu. Stalker, disfigured by his fight, asks Ijarkor to stay behind the scenes so that nobody knows he is involved.

Their first stop is in Boldar where the Warrior Ayanneh has gathered thousands of Elfahdians and, after making a speech, commits suicide in a spectacular atomic fire. Then Ijarkor goes to Syllagar, now a Quiet Zone, where he meets the Warrior Jastjor, who soon thereafter has his body scattered throughout the thousand remaining points of the Psionic Network. Similarly, the Warrior Yarun has retreated on the planet Srunquil where he locks himself forever in the Maze.

Ijarkor then heads for the Shufu galaxu, where he frees Reginald Bull and Irmina Kotschistowa from terrorists and frees them from the Toshin Mark, which he imposed on then eighteen years ago.

Alaska Saedelaere has learned that the Singuvas intend to create a clone army of new Sothos and he tracks them to the planet Sanguin. On Sanguins' Moon, Alask is captured along with Stalker but Ijarkor arrives in time to save them from being executed. Alaska Saedelaere decides to resume his search for Testare, his Cappin counterpart, and Kytoma.

Ijarkor then receives two visions. In the first one, he sees the Singuva defeat the Gorims with the assistance of the strangers from Tarkan and as Dorifer is being destroyed, he learns that Estartu no longer exists. In the second vision, he seems himself destroy all the enemies of Estartu with Stalker's help

Cedric Beust 2005-07-09

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