1358 - Im Dimensionsgefängnis
Prisoner of the Dimensions
H.G. Ewers

Bao at Tarkan can't explain why the Narga Puur and a Zatara called Hildariukaggachua claims that on April 2nd, a radio message reached the Narga Puur and was responded by an unknown party. The message was coming from Absantha-Gom and the Narga Puur starts slowing down as it is arriving in the Dark Sky, the overlapping area between Absantha-Gom and Absantha-Shad.

A Nakk named Melsark arrives on the main deck and tells Bao at Tarkan that he is the one who started the Narga Puur because he receives a Zero order, which preempts Bao at Tarkan's authority. Pucky decides to investigate in the Nakk sector of the Narga Puur, when Hilda tells the Terrans that all the Nakks are Hexameron prophets.

Atlan and Pucky are captured by the Nakks and imprisoned in a dimension prison where they meet Tovari Lokoshan, who recently woke up from his cryogenic container in the Narga Puur. Lokoshan takes the shape of Iruna of Bass Thet, Atlan's former lover and Kazzenkatt's siter, whom he had to abandon when he left the Abyss Land.

Atlan observes a creature named Torren give orders to the Nakks and explain to the Singuva of Etustar, where the Narga Puur has now arrived, that they plan to take away billions of suns from the Twelve Galaxies in order to make up for the loss in Tarkan during the transfer.

The Narga Puur heads toward the surface of the planet as a disc-shape spaceship separates from it, with Torren, the Nakks and the dimensional prison on board, and Lullog helps the Terrans escape. Atlan asks the Kamashite to go into M33 where the real Iruna of Bass Thet is and let her know that he can't come into the Milky Way because of the ban of the Cosmocrats, but that he will eventually find a way to come to her.

Cedric Beust 2005-07-09

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