1357 - Nach dem Holocaust
After the Holocaust
Marianne Sydow

On Hubei, Pucky, Ras Tschubai, Fellmer Lloyd and Eirene are busy helping the Lao-Sinhs to rescue the survivors and victims of psiphrenia. Pucky teleports on the Narga Puur and asks Bao at Tarkan to help them. The arrogant commander refuses to help but when he confesses that sabotages have been happening recently on the Narga Puur, Pucky offers to help him in exchange of his assistance on the planet. Bao at Tarkan accepts.

On April 2nd 447, the second quarter of the Hangay galaxy appears in the Milky Way and the disappearance of four clusters in Absantha-Gom is noticed, a new that has a strong effect on Bao at Tarkan.

When Atlan arrives on the Karmina on April 4th, the Narga Puur starts accelerating without any control. Atlan takes the four Terrans on board the Karmina and coupled with the Kartanian spaceship Sco-ta-ming, follows the giant spaceship as it disappears into linear space.

Cedric Beust 2005-07-02

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