1355 - Der Kaiser kehrt zurück
The Return of the Emperor
Arndt Ellmer

In 430, the caractan headed for Erendyra fell into a trap laid out by Sotho Tyg Ian and became stranded on the inhospitable planet Onyx, which is surrounded by an impassable force field. Under the direction of Anson Argyris, the colony limps along, running low on food supplies during the next fifteen years and barely survives.

During their captivity, they detect unknown spaceships nearby and when Hangay materializes in the Milky Way, the disruptions cause the force field to collapse. The colony immediately takes off and heads back to the Milky Way, arriving five months later.

On the Earth, Anson Argyris meets with the scientist Dominik Eubanks and both realize that the spaceships they detected earlier belong to the Hauris. They also observe that, simultaneously, with the materialization of Hangay, five million stars have disappeared from NGC 3627 (Vilamesch) in the Milky Way.

Cedric Beust 2005-06-29

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