1354 - Strangeness-Schock
Strangeness Shock
Peter Griese

After being unconscious for five months, Nikki Frickel is the first one to wake up on the Sorong. Both the Soron and the Russaru suffer from a strangeness shock due to their proximity to the location the Hangay galaxy has suddenly materialized in. With the assistance of robots, she manages to wake up most of the crew and learns that on the Russaru, two Kartanians have died.

They receive a call from Hangay Kartanians on the desert planet Edyjam. Nikki takes a few Milky Way Kartanians with her and meets with them. The Kartanians are still having a hard time realizing that Hangay might be their original universe, but they follow Nikki.

Nikki decides to head back to the Milky Way while the Russaru stays in the vicinity, waiting for the Strangeness Radiation to taper off.

Cedric Beust

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