1353 - CORDOBA ruft BASIS
Cordoba calls Basis
K.H. Scheer

Pilgrim, It's projection, appears to Julian Tifflor and explains what happened in Estartu and also that Rhodan was projected into Tarkan.

The Cordoba, a courier ship, sets off to meet with the base with Tifflor on board, but on February 25th, 447, its metagrav flight is interrupted because of the disruptions caused by the sudden changes in matter concentration nearby. The crew soon finds out they are stranded in a space rift which also appears to be a time rift.

As the repairs start, six unknown spaceships appear and force the Cordoba crew to hid on a nearby planet. They see the strangers, thin humanoids, and barely escape a narcosis attack meant to take over the Cordoba. The repairs are finally completed and they resume their flight, to reach the Base on March 9th.

On the Cordoba, the Kartanian Guang-Da-G'ahd hears a message from Ardustaar talking about a disaster in the Tarkanium, but they also say they received a message from their home country. The Zatars Comanzatara and Huakaggachua appear on the Base and claim they can feel the souls of their compatriots.

Cedric Beust 2005-06-21

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