1352 - Die schwarzen Schiffe
The Black Ships
Robert Feldhoff

Three black spaceships completely destroy the GIP base on Finistere. Three people survived: Wido Helfrich, Narktor and the Springer Nerva-Than, who was on a mission to observe the natives of Finistere, the Kekkereks. Only the hypersensor has been spared and while the unknown attackers start taking it apart, the survivors send an SOS. The Kekkereks tell them they have captured one of the strangers who says his people is called the Hauris, and that they come from the Hangay galaxy. After being accidentally spread with water, the Hauri becomes insane and commits suicide.

The Helfrich, Narktor and Nerva-Than break into a Hauri spaceship and Nerva-Than is killed by the Hauri, while her two companions barely escape before the spaceship blows up.

A GIP fleet appears on Finistere and is immediately attacked by the two remaining Hauri spaceships, who use an unknown weapon. The Galactics realize they need to have dozens of their spaceships concentrate on one enemy vessel to be able to destroy it. Also, Hauri communications mention the terms "Operation Time Rift Closure" and "Acceleration of the Last Six Days".

Cedric Beust 2005-06-21

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