1351 - Die Materiequelle
The Matter Source
H.G. Ewers

On January 25th, 447, the Kamashite Tovari Lokoshan discovers the cryogenized body of a very thin humanoid in a cave of the planet Mushak, in M 33. A few months prior, Lokoshan was saved by a shuttle of the PIG under the name Tashit Lovelin after a breakdown of the Kartanian cruiser Garadan.

As increasing hyperimpulses announce a forthcoming modification of the space-time structures, Lkoshan leaves the Eye of Nachor system and falls into a rift. To escape the structure shakes, he asks Lullog to bring him near Nikki Frickel and Poerl Accoun on the Narga Sant, but his spaceship, the Banshee, materializes inside the Narga Puur.

Lokoshan is captured by the Traavs and put into a cryogenized state as hyper-impulses with a Kartanian code are received in M 33 coming from the intergalactic void. A cruiser arrives on the Narga Sant, sent by the PIG. Nikki Frickel calls it Sorong and when they depart toward in direction of the origin of the signals, a robot Ctl with a biological component from the Gys-Voolberah Mullin-Okra makes his presence known on board.

On January 31st, Nikki locates a rift in the space continuum and suddenly, an entire galaxy with fifty billion suns materializes. She loses consciousness.

In the Milky Way, Sato Ambush claims that the rift is a Matter Source as alarming signs are showing that the Psionic Network is dissolving. Twenty-Four spaceships are sent toward Estartu to help the Vironauts as the new galaxy is officially named Ragnarok.

Cedric Beust 2005-06-21

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