1350 - TARKAN
Kurt Mahr

The explosion of the Paratau store in the Tarkanium creates a huge blast that shakes all the surroundings, including Dorifer itself. Perry Rhodan, who was inside the cosmonucleotide during the explosion, is hurled into Tarkan, the dying universe. When he wakes up on board of his spaceship, four days later, he quickly understands what happened and learns from the on-board computer, Leda, that there doesn't seem to be any psionic network in this universe. The space is basking in a reddish light and Rhodan detects a pentagram made of five stars in the proximity.

Rhodan soon receives mental impulses that invite him to land on Bentang, the third planet of a nearby sun, where he meets with a race called the Hauri. They are servants of the Hexameron, the deity of this universe, and they despise the name "Tarkan". Rhodan learns that the death of their universe is a process wanted by the gods and that the final contraction is called The Six Days and is related in the Book of the Hexameron.

The Hauri Varro Pak Duur tells Rhodan about Lord Heptamer, the master of the Eshraa Maghaasu, a cluster of twenty galaxies that is used as an intermediate between the Hexameron and the Gods. Rhodan suspects this might be the equivalent of a super-intelligence in this universe.

Rhodan suspects that fifty thousand years ago, Estartu received a call for help from the Kartanians in Tarkan and she left the normal universe to come here, but Varro Pak Durr doesn't seem to know the name Estartu. He does know the Kartanians, though, whom he considers as his enemies because they are trying to fight the death of the universe. Varro Pak Duur shows Rhodan a picture of a region of space where entire solar systems are missing, and Rhodan realizes that a part of the galaxy Hangay (called Maghaa in Tarkan) has been transfered to the normal universe, showing that the plan of the Kartanians partially worked

The Kartanians seem to draw their energy from something called the "Pearls of the Shamshu Chain", which Rhodans suspects might be the psionic beads of the local Moral Code.

Varro Paak Duur asks Rhodan if he will work with them but when the Terran understands the goal the Hauris pursue and that they have already manipulated his memories in the recent past, Rhodan decides to flee.

On February 6th, he leaves Bentang and heads for the pentagram of stars he spotted earlier, which, Leda suspects, might have something to do with their rematerialization in this particular region of space of Tarkan.

Cedric Beust 2005-06-10

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