135 - Wächter in der Einsamkeit
Sentinels Of Solitude
Clark Darlton

Several measuring stations have been scattered on the galactic fringe. A Gazelle from the station SM-13 lands on a planet in the emptiness, a black star. The crew discovers the remains of an ancient civilization. The whole surface is covered by snow, the remnants of an atmosphere, with the exception of a station provided with an antenna. It is of Posbi construction. After a brief confrontation with robots, the station is destroyed and the Gazelle leaves.

The THEODORIC arrives, with several telepaths and thirty Antes on board. The telepaths unite in a para-block, reinforced by the priests of Bâalol, and try to contact Harno, the mysterious television sphere. Their efforts are rewarded at the end of one week. The being materializes by them. Rhodan needs help after the destruction of the last fictiv transmitter. Harno shows a planet attacked by the Posbis who subsequently inhabit the whole surface. Its identity and its position are unknown but it is in the center of the Milky Way. The inhabitants resemble the Akonides and, as a result, the THEODORIC leaves for Sphinx.

Perry Rhodan asks the Great Council of Akon for the coordinates of the planet but the Akonides don't want to reveal them. Finally, facing the danger represented by the Posbis, the Akonides open one link-transmitter to the planet Salor, while hiding the coordinates from the Terrans. Only one hundred units and five thousand men can go through the transmitter. Hardly have they arrived on Salor and then the transmitter dies out.

While the Terrans attack the Posbis, a message is sent to attract an Arkonide fleet commanded by Atlan. For a short moment, the Terrans seize a Posbi ship but it ends up self-destructing. Just as the situation seems without hope, the fleet of Atlan arrives and puts an end to the Posbi attack. The transmitter turns back on and three Akonides require the immediate withdrawal of the Terrans. Pucky unceremoniously sends the three Akonides back through the transmitter from where they came.

Harno departs the universe.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-18

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