1349 - Chronik der Kartanin
Kartanian Chronicles
Ernst Vlcek

In early 447, Pucky reports on the latest events in the Milky Way, which convinces Rhodan to meet with Ijarkor on the Sombath. They decided to kidnap one of the Nakks controlling the Swarms of Ephemereals threatening the Tarkanium. When Eirene learns the history of Estartu from her father, she realizes that it sounds familiar to her. Rhodan sends Pucky and Felmer Lloyd in the local cluster to talk to Oogh at Tarkan.

Rhodan decides to broadcast, over Kartanian radio channels, the entire history of their people in an attempt to defuse the situation. Bao at Tarkan, the coordinator of the Narga Puur, calls the Galactics traitors and orders Mia-San-K'yon to have the Terrans arrested. The Kartanian hesitates, feeling that the Terrans are not the enemies, and she's also reluctant moving away the four thousand tons of Paratau stored inside the Tarkanium.

Rhodan tries to convince Bao at Tarkan but the commander won't listen. He claims not to know anything about Estartu. Ijarkor brings the Nakk Dobaril to Rhodan and while Mia initially thinks she's being betrayed by Rhodan, she quickly feels a mental connection with the Nakk and realizes that their two people might indeed be related. The Nakk accepts to withdraw the Swarms of Ephemereals.

Since the Tarkan universe was dying, Estartu decided to transfer the entire Hangay galaxy into our universe. The Narga Sant was sent first as a scout and it crossed the dimensional barrier, having on board Kartanians but also Zataras, Nakks and representatives of more than twenty other races of Hangay. Estartu knows that she is contravening against the laws of the universe and that as soon as the foreign body appears in the new universe, the cosmo-nucleotide Dorifer will react to its presence by altering the cosmic constants.

When the Narga Sant materializes in our universe, it is exposed to an expected Strangeness Shock, which the Nakks quickly recover from and start experimenting in order to create a bridge to Tarkan. Oogh at Tarkan was one of the few people who knew the entire plan of Estartu, but he decided not to inform his people, afraid of their reaction.

Instead, he had statues installed in the various Upanishads who would would talk to the Kartanians when the time would come. The Nakks and the Zataras were left behind in order to control the nearby governments and to keep Dorifer under watch. Oogh at Tarkan knew exactly where Hangay would materialize: near the galaxy Ardustaar, so he directed his fleet in this direction.

On the way, they avoided the galaxy they call Sayaaron (Andromeda) because of the war raging between the Lemurians and the Beasts, and they also studied the galaxy of the Nocturnians. They deciphered they hypersymbols and discovered the Paratau. Later, when Oogh at Tarkan visited Fornax, he learned from the Wise that the Nocturnians were able to synthesize the dangerous psychogene by increasing the local psi constant.

The Wise of Fornax asked Oogh at Tarkan to neutralize the Paratau and when the operation started, it was soon discovered that the Paratau was giving psi abilities to all the female Kartanians. At the same time, all the races of the Narga Sant started showing signs of mutation because of the Strangeness Shock. The mutation first caused short-term memory losses but would eventually lead to the complete erasure of their past within a few generations.

The scientists found a way to block the devolution starting at the third generation and Oogh at Tarkan started spreading the various races of the Narga Sant across Ardustaar and picked up thousands of Nocturnians who were relocated in several floors of the Narga Sant.

One day, a violent explosion of Paratau destroyed parts of the Narga Sant and an entire floor of Nocturnians was turned into the Idiots of Fornax. A fleet of robots was created in order to assist the third generation remember their past. Finally, Oogh at Tarkan withdrew with twelve Kartanians in the hibernation room of the Narga Sant.

When he woke up twenty years later, none of the twenty-one races of Hangay was capable of space flight. Ten years later, he was confronted by Tefrodians and barely managed to get rid of them by irradiating the Nocturnian floor of the Narga Sant. Then he went back to sleep, hoping to wake up once the robots would have restored the degenerated generations.

Pucky and Lloyd explain that Oogh at Tarkan is afraid that the blast caused by the explosion of four million drops of Paratau would create a cosmic catastrophe in the Dorifer sector.

In Absanta-Shad, Bull meets with Volcayr on Elfahd where three thousand Elfahdian spaceships have recently arrived to fight the Swarms of Ephemereals. Since he's still unaware of the fact that the Ephemerals have been neutralized, Bull sends the twelve thousand through the sphere created by the Ephemereal Swarms in the heart of the Tarkanium.

The entire stock of Paratau is ignited by the psionic radiations and blows up.

Hundreds of psychic Kartanians die and thousands more succumb to psiphreny. Hyperdimensional shockwaves ripple through the fifty million light years sphere of Dorifer and millions of suns appear in the Local Cluster, 880,000 light years away from Pinwheel and 2.13 million light years away from the Milky Way.

Perry Rhodan, who was inside Dorifer at the moment of the catastrophe, is nowhere to be found.


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