1348 - Die ESTARTU-Saga
The Estartu-saga
Ernst Vlcek

Perry Rhodan, Atlan, Fellmer Lloyd and Ras Tschubai return to Sabhal from Hubei, where Eirene stays with the Kartanin. Alaska Saedelaere and Atlan can confirm that the statues of the Attar Panish Panisha began to speak by visiting a Tschomolungma. Meanwhile the KLOTZ arrives near the Tarkanium. Lloyd rescues Duara Obeah from DORIFER and finds that the door to DORIFER is shut. Wanting to go against the psi-particles that threaten the Tarkanium Perry and his friends want to take councel with the Querions. Wybort, one of them answers their call and is willing to reveal knowledge about the past:

After ESTARTU, who was protecting DORIFER before, left his realm in the year 50.567 BC, the Querions begin to have a look at DORIFER and take over the watch for it. In 50.027 BC in a reaction to a cosmic phenomenon DORIFER raises the psi-constant. 37 years later 13 Querions leave the mental collective of their people and found The Travelers Of The Net as a means of protecting DORIFER. Searching for the famouzs Attar Panish Panisha Oogh at Tarkan, the Querions find the Phamal-System (later called Hubei by the Kartanin) and build a station there in case Oogh at Tarkan should return there. The Pterus and the Nakk develop the Enerpsi-Drive and the Querions recognize that they too have the ability to use the altered psi-constant to enable chosen helpers to travel by the net after they are psionically imprinted.

on Dec. 6th the Travelers Of The Net give out a declaration of war againt the Eternal Warriors. Ijarkor reacts by inviting Perry Rhodan for a direct conflict aboard his ship SOMBATH. Perry decides to accept and tries to reach the SOMBATH with a personal step via the net. The chronicler of IT fetches him from within the net and makes him a silent observer of a discussion that he has with an emissionary of the Cosmocrats. This way Perry learns more about ESTARTU and what happened 50.000 years ago.

In the year 50.617 B. C. ESTARTU informs IT about a distress-call that ESTARTU received from a distant galaxy whose people can only be saved if help comes quickly. While IT wants to consult the Cosmocrats, ESTARTU feels she has to help on her own, being a supporter of the 3rd way between the Cosmocrats and the Chaotarchs. Disappointed she leaves IT and in the next 50 years makes the Pterus her governors.

Sent back on his way Perry reaches the SOMBATH where meanwhile Ijarkor killed his Animateur Srolg because the Singuva ordered the Eternal Warriors to commit ritual suicide. Ijarkor by now is seeing his death coming and grants Perry's wish to learn more about the past:

After the original Pterus and their kinsfolk that adopted to other world's climates fought against each other for more the 20 years ESTARTU took representatives of all Pterus-folks to Etustar, except for the Singuva that started the conflict. There ESTARTU gives her technical instruments to the Pterus and trusts them to look after her 12 galaxies in her absence. Later the Pterus seek reconsiliation with the Singuva, thinking that there has to be peace between everyone in order to do ESTARTU justice. The Singuva begin to mystify ESTARTU by founding schools in that the 3rd way is being taught and they use a modified gas from their home world's volcanos to influence the pupils. All that oppose them die from an overdose. Suddenly the psi-constant that ESTARTU ordered not to influence rises and everyone thinks that the Singuva that try to be ever more powerful are the source of that change. But the Singuva deny it and indeed a little later the NARGA SANT makes contact with the Pterus and Singuva. The NARGA SANT is a huge spaceship that comes from another universe, where the galaxy Hangay is to where ESTARTU headed to help the people of Hangay. On board the NARGA SANT is Oogh at Tarkan a Kartanin with some of his people, some Nakks and some Zataras. They send greatings from ESTARTU and advice to help the people of the NARGA SANT as they are the first ambassadors of Hangay. The arrival of the NARGA SANT from outside this universe caused the psi-constant to rise and the people of the NARGA SANT where unconscious for months due to a huge strangeness-shock when they arrived in this universe. Thus rehabilitated the Singuva widen their influence and soon are the most dominant folk of the Pterus initially they support Oogh at Tarkan, granting him the four planets that ESTARTU said should be be given to them and that later became the Tarkanium. In exchange Oogh at Tarkan helps spread the 3rd way and orders the Nakk to help build and manage the wonders of the 12 galaxies of ESTARTU. But the Singuva want to have absolut power and by means of an intrigue let Oogh at Tarkan seem to be the one seekeing absolut power. Oogh at Tarkan is at length forced to flee from the 12 galaxies of ESTARTU to Pinwheel where he founds the first realm of the Kartanin. He and the Nakk and Zatara get utterly seperated. The Singuva redefine ESTARTU's lore of the 3rd way into the Permanent Conflict and wage an neverending war against the Gorim's that fight for the readjusting of the psi-constant. The Singuva themselfs start to work more and more from the background and finally recruit the Eternal Warriors from the original Pterus while themselfs they genetivally engineer themselfs into small unobtrusive creatures - the Animateurs.

Ijarkor - free from the influence of the codex-gas and now remembering all that he did and that was done to him is giving up awaiting his death. But Perry Rhodan gives him new hope by inviting him to start fighting for the true ideas of ESTARTU

Andreas Jške

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