1347 - Am Ereignishorizont
At the event horizon
Kurt Mahr

Stygian is in the station UDHURU preparing the destruction of the Milky Way. All efforts of penetrating his shields and atticking him with brute force fail. But during one of these attacks when Stygian shuts down his force fields to destroy the attacking fleet Stalker, Bonifazio "Fazzy" Slutch, Sid Avarit, and Guan-Da-G'ahd manage to get behind his shield by flying with the attacking fleet, but leaving their ship in the last moment before Stygian attacks. Now in their SERUNs they are too small a target to be recognized in all the action and can secretely land on UDHURU. Guan-Da-G'ahd by means of Paratau finds Stygian and Sid Avarit helps Stalker to get there. Stalker identifies himself and fights against Styhgian and his animateur Kralsh. He kills them both. Now the Nakk on the other stations near the central black hole are able to stop the process of destruction in the last moment. They redirect the energy that Stygian wanted to put into the black hole and thus connect the Stygian-net with the psionic net. Stalker claims the GOMSTAR -the flagship of Stygian- for himself and heads of to ESTRARTU to help fight the Pterus. Peregrin as a messanger of ES shows up and says that though a great catastrophy was avoided in the Milky Way a cosmic catastrophy is still imminent. As the source he names DORIFER.

Andreas Jške 2008-05-15

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