1346 - Entscheidung im Raumfort 3201
Decision in Space-Fort 3201
Kurt Mahr

On December 1st 446 the Attar Panish Panisha-statues in the great Upanishad-schools on Terra, Arkon, Olymp and many more worlds start to speak and tell about the lie that the third way under the Pterus has become. The enraged and disappointed pupils begin to destroy the Upanishada. This happens in the next days to all Upanishada and all Shada that are still not fully convinced are treated with anti-codex-serum by the GOI.

Bonifazio Slutch arrives from Pinwheel and is brought before Julian Tifflor by an agent named King Vence and tells him about the happenings in the NARGA SANT and the reawakening of Oogh at Tarkan. After that he, Vence and 130 former Shana fly to the Space-Fort 3201 where they know Windaji Kutisha to be. After the fall of the Tschomolungma the last support Sotho Tyg Ian has. They officially seek asylum in the Feresh Tovaar, feigning to be Shana still true to the Sotho, but Fazzy hides and secretely puts lots of pellets into the ventilation-system of the Feresh Tovaar that, when ingnited, synthesize anti-codex-molecules in huge amounts. Although he is found out and brought before Windaji Kutisha, Fazzy can ignite the pellets, many of them near Windaji Kutisha himself. The Terrible Hunter loses his faith in the third ways and lets his own robots kill himself for he beliefs himself to be a traitor to Sotho Tyg Ian.

In the meantime the Halutians successfully test a new weapon against the space-ships of Stygian. They block the machines that send the transform-bombs on their way and cause 485 Stygian space-ships to explode of their own bombs. Stygian now begins to make true his announcement to destroy the whole Milky Way. He travels to the station UDHURU near the central black hole of the Milky Way and intends to let all the energy of the Stygian net increase the gravity of the hole and thus beginning the process of the black hole devouring the whole Milky way.

Andreas Jške 2008-05-15

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