1345 - Gruft der Erleuchtung
Thy Crypt Of Enlightenment
Marianne Sydow

12 days after Nikki Frickel and Poerl Alcoun entered the NARGA SANT the Sco-ta-ming, the center of the NARGA SANT, informs the Knowing Women that myriads of psi-particles are nearing the Tarkanium and thus threaten to spontaneously deflagrate the immens amounts of Paratau that are deposited there. Because the Knowing Women are unable to contact the Kartanin in the Tarkanium in ESTARTU due to the huge distance, Nikki Frickel, Poerl Alcoun and Dao-Lin-H'ay enter the death zone in the inner most parts of the Sco-ta-ming in order to reawaken Oogh at Tarkan that is kept in an artificial hybernation-sleep down there. They manage to get by all deathly traps on their way by combining all their talents and can wake up Oogh at Tarkan. Oogh decides after listening to the description of the currrent situation that he will use all the statues of him in the Dashid-rooms to spread word that the thrid way as propagated by the Pterus is a lie.

Andreas Jške 2008-05-15

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