1344 - Das Ende der Hybride
End of the Hybrid
Peter Griese

August 430: Jizzi Huzzel ends up on Swoofon to escape a fanatical biologist named Ferbelin Destowitsch that wants the intelligent plant Comanzatara for his collection. Comanzatara has contact with another plant of her kind, another Zatara, by the name of Aldruizantaro, that predicts that Huakaggachua, the sister of Comanzatara and like her a daughter of Kera-Hua-Zatara, will come to her in about fifteen years. Comanzatara then disappears and Jizzi Huzzel stays on Swoofon waiting for her.

April 436: Ferbelin Destowitsch finds Jizzi Huzzel and wants her to hand over the Zatara to him. Comanzatara returns and can finally convince Destowitsch that she is a person of her own right and that he has no right to possess her. Before he leaves she predicts to him when and where he can find the woman that he will share the rest of his life with. Comanzatara then falls into a state of passivity to recreate herself. Another Zatara, Jacaranda, that is the plant that Jennifer Thyron, Demeter and the three Siganese are combined into a Hybrid uses Comanzatara's body as a relay and tells Jizzi about her state and that she will contact her again when Huakaggachua arrives.

November 446: Huakaggachau arrives and together with Comanzatara she makes contact with Jacaranda. Jacaranda says that Irmina Kotschistowa is preparing an operation to seperate her from Jennifer, Demeter and the Siganese that she will not survive. Also she vaguely announces a cosmic desaster that only Oogh at Tarkan would be able to stop. She also tells them that about 50.000 years ago there where 20 Zatara in ESTARTU that where gathering information for their masters. But the Pterus recognized their abilities and hunted them almost all down and made them the basic stock of the Hybrids on Majsunta. Kera-Hua-Zatara, Camanzatara and Aldruizantaro where the only ones to escape but lost their memories due to a strangeness-shock. When Irmina Kotschistowa begins the operation Jacaranda kills herself, thus freeing Jennifer, Demeter and the three Siganese.

Comanzatara, Huakaggachua and Jizzi Huzzel teleport by the powers of the Zataras onboard the DÜK. There they meet with Guan-Da-G'ahd, a Kartanin and Arfrar, a Nakk. All recognize that they are of like origin and kind of sister-races. The Nakk now refuse to manage the Lost Gifts of The Hesperides that as an effect lose their function and disappear. Sotho Tyg Ian announces that as a consequence he will destroy the whole Milky Way.

Andreas Jäke 2008-05-15

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