1343 - Der Königstiger
The royal tiger
K.H. Scheer

Ratber Tostan and Posy Poos want to leave Sabhal and join the GOI in the Milky Way in their fight against Stygian. Perry is not willing to let them go because he still wants to learn more about the KLOTZ from Tostan. But with the help of Taffas Rozoll and 80 Gavvron they start with the Gavvron ship TAAHL anyways. They manage to reach the Milky Way but they arrive between the fronts of the Blues and the forces of Stygian. Each of those mistake them for enemies and their ship is utterly destroyed, crashing into a sun in the end. But before that they make contact to Tirzo, a Blue working with the GOI. He takes them all aboard the DÜK. On that ship Tostan meets with the Kartanin Guan-Da-G'had and seeing her causes another boost of rememberance:

After the Grigoroff-projector malfunctioned the Tsunami-32 rematerializes in a galacy that is only half as big as the Milky Way but contains way more stars and glows read. After months of unconsciousness Tostan and his crew reawaken in the outer rim of that galaxy. Here they become attacked by unknown space-ships. Shortly before they are defeated Tostan challanges the commander of the enemies to a one on one combat. The commander that resembles a tiger and thus a Kartanin agrees. Tostan can win the fight and spares the live of his enemy. They become friends and Tostan helps the "tiger" to prepare his huge ship. The ship turns out to be the KLOTZ. When the Tsunami is brought on board the KLOTZ Tostan hides Posy and orders him ton restore it as best he could. Finally the KLOTZ makes a huge transition and appears near DORIFER.

Andreas Jäke 2008-04-29

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