1342 - Tod aus der Unendlichkeit
Death out of the infinity
H.G. Francis

November 446: Perry Rhodan and his friends discover that there exists an outpost of the Travelers Of The Net that is 50.000 years old but was never used. The Querions do not deliver a sufficient explanation and thus Perry, Atlan, Eirene, Fellmer and Ras use the Net to travel to tat station and find out more. It turns out that the planet Phamal that the outpost is on is Hubei, the main world of the Kartanin in Absantha-Gom. Subsequently everyone is caught by the Kartanin and they are all reunited with Bully that was brought to Hubei shortly before. Their capture was possible because a male Kartanin has the ability to leave his body and spy on them when he uses Paratau. That of course is an offense in the eyes of the female Kartanin who will not allow him to go on using his abilities because he is a male. But he and also the recently captured Travelers Of The Net turn out to be not the biggest challange the Kartanin currently face. There is an Esper-dying going on and the reason for it is identified to be arriving swarms of Ephemerids. Perry and his friends promise to help the Kartanin and slowly the Kartanin start to trust them. They are now guests instead of captives. In a vision Eirene reveals to the Kartanin that they originate from Hubei and where in great bloom 50.000 years ago. In turn the Kartanin reveal that the aim of the Lao-Sinh-project is the complete exodus from Ardustaar to Absantha-Gom of all Kartanin.

Andreas Jške 2008-04-29

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