1341 - Der Spion von Kumai
The spy of Kumai
Robert Feldhoff

Bully -disguised like one of the deformed Kartanin he picked up on Pinnafor- tries to spy on the Kartanin in the Branderk-system. He sneaks out of the hospital where he and the other Kartanin are treated and deflagrates a certain amount of Paratau in order to put the Kartanin in disorder, find a main computer and get information from it. But after a complex flight he only manages to learn about the quantity of Paratau stored on any one of the worlds of the Kartanin and the coordinates of their main world Hubei in Absantha-Gom. He is able to communicate the information to the EXPLORER but is caught and brought to Hubei. The EXPLORER follows.

Andreas Jške 2008-04-29

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