1340 - Ephemeriden-Tršume
Dreams of the Ephemerids
Arndt Ellmer

The Ephemerids are synthetid psi-quants that put dark visions in the heads of the people they meet. This functions as a means of control because to avoid the doom they saw the victims of the Ephemerids are trying even harder to be good followers of the codex. Ernst Ellert searches for the Local Group of Galaxies and comes on his way in contact with the Ephemerids that trap him and threaten to annihilate him. Testare who watches the Ephemerids to learn about them hears Ellerts mental cries for help and rescues him. The two become friends over the next couple of weeks in which they try to learn more about the Ephemerids. It turns out that the Nakk control the Ephemerids under the order of their Eternal Warrior. But they do it only as long as it suits their own plans. That becomes obvious when the Elfahdian Drohl tries to make the Nakk succumb to the Animateurs that have replaced the Eternal Warriors. They simply don't but announce to take care about a couple of planets in Absantha-Gom that provide and influence that drives the Ephemerids out of control. Ellert and Testare give message about that into an information-node of the Travelers Of The Net and then head of to the Place Of Fulfillment, that Ellert discovered and where they both hope to get a new true body.

Andreas Jške

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