134 - Die Kanonen von Everblack
The Guns Of Everblack
K. H. Scheer

Perry Rhodan, Atlan and everyone in his team stays on the Terran detection (surveillance) satellite Maso-VI positioned in intergalactic space. A tug brings back the seriously damaged cruiser WROCLAW. It discovered a dark world which serves as a base of the Posbis and gave it the name Everblack. The Posbi base appears to have ignored the ship which made such serious contact with it.

The THEODORIC leaves for the planet Everblack. A Gazelle is launched, with a commando team on board under the command of Major Tuner. Perry Rhodan and his men are also on board. The Gazelle is affected seriously by the shock waves of heavy spatial traffic, reason also for the severe damage of the Wroclaw. The Gazelle must be evacuated, and only Rhodan, Dr. Anztan, Pucky and Atlan survive. Drifting in space, they send a message to the THEODORIC.

The flagship arrives but it must retire before an onslaught of attacks. The last fictiv transmitter is destroyed. Rhodan orders that the 14th fleet gets under way. The four survivors land on the planet, which is covered entirely with technical facilities. After having escaped the robots while making themselves pass for non-organics, they use the narco-guns, which provokes a panic among the Posbis. They then discover the domes sheltering the protoplasm. The Posbis possess two basic units of command, the thinking cellular formations - the protoplasm - and a gigantic positronic brain. While using the narco-guns, they paralyzed the protoplasm, leaving the whole control to the positronic elements.

Rhodan and his companions are rescued by the light cruiser LONDON.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-18

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