1339 - Ijarkors letzte Schlacht
Ijarkor's last battle
Kurt Mahr

End of October 446: Srolg urges Ijarkor to destroy the space-nomads on Cursaafhar because their leader the Desotho Veth Leburian called him a puppet of the Animateurs. But Ijarkor's trust in the Eternal Conflict and his own role in the latest events is badly shaken after the destruction of the heraldic gates. The codex-molecules he inhales in the Dashid-rooms do not as before ensure him any more but instead give him back more and more long lost memories. Ijarkor begins to remember:

More than 50.000 years ago, about 2.500 years after his people began with interstellar travel he worked on a planet called Tiffoon as a project-leader on nuclear synthesis that should rid his folk of all shortcomings in natural resources because ever more complex matter was to be synthesized from the ever abundand hydrogen. One day one of the mysterious Singuva visited him at work and urged him to come with him. The Singuva it was said were even higher ranking than the central government and equipped with much higher sophisticated technique. So Ijarkor had no chance but to follow the invitation. He was taken to Etustar where the Singuva revealed to him that they inherited their technique from a super-being called ESTARTU and that with it they intend to establish a realm of 12 galaxies one of which Ijarkor was chosen to rule and bring the philosophy of the Eternal Conflict to.

After about 100 years every Eternal Warrior of which 12 exist - one for each galaxy in the realm - must return to Etustar where their biological decay is stopped by a machine of ESTARTU. On his 32nd return to Etustar Ijarkor is told that ESTARTU is in fact not living in her own realm any more, but the Animateurs prohibited that Ijarkor could take his knowledge with him. The Singuva decided that they could best govern the realm of ESTARTU when acting from behind the scenes and promoted the Eternal Warriors, becoming their pet-like advisors undergoing a series of controlled mutations making them small and giving them a tail. But that knowledge was also taken from Ijarkor when he left.

Tens of thousands of years later Ijarkor meets Srolg for the first time with Ronald Tekener and Roi Danton. When he comes from a Dashid-room, fully under the influence of the codex-molecules and Srolg he banishes Ronald and Roi into an Orphic Maze. Srolg reveals knowledge about the onion-layer-model of the life in the universe to Ijarkor and about the message from ESTARTU that is the only life-sign of the super-intelligence that the Animateurs ever received and that they derive their legitimacy from. Already Ijarkor suspects that the Animateurs heavily misinterpreted the message but as of that time he still falls victim to the codx-molecules and forgets though this time slight doubts remain.

Not believing in himself anymore and not being willing to decide over life and death of his Guardists Ijarkor cancels the half-heartedly begun attack on the planet Strobila where the space-nomads made their refuge to and challanges Veth Leburian to fight him one on one in mortal combat. Against the will of Srolg Ijarkor faces Veth Leburian alone and so meets Perry Rhodan, Atlan, Feller Lloyd and Ras Tschubai who all offer to forgive him and want him to help them restoring order to the realm of ESTARTU. Ijarkor admits that he lost but is as of yet not able to go as far as to really cooperat with the Travelers Of The Net. He returns to Srolg who announces that he failed and will be replaced. But deep inside Ijarkor does not care any more because he feels that not only his time as an Eternal Warrior is over but also the time of the Singuva.

Andreas Jške 2008-04-29

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