1338 - Die Sechstageroboter
The robots of six days
Ernst Vlcek

On Ctl II Nikki Frikkel, Poerl Alcoun and Dao-Linh-H'ay find a robot civilization that consists of robots of six classes. The lowest class are the robots of the sixth day that are only capable of doing simple maintainance. By awakening robots of ever higher rank the three are learning about the history of the robots and the Kartanin.

50.000 years ago the Kartanin where in their first bloom. They constructed the robot-civilization to protect them. But for unknown reasons the robots turned against their makers and destroyed their civilization as well as all (about 20) others in Pinwheel. About a thousand years ago the Gys-Voolbeerah came across Pinwheel in their search for the Tba. There where no civilizations they could infiltrate, but they managed to make the robots their servants. The robots at that time had just crushed the reawakening Kartanin again as well as the Maakar that came over from Andromeda. The Gys-Voolbeerah left Pinwheel and settled over to the Milky Way and deactivated the robot-civilization so the Kartanin and Maakar had a chance to evolve successfully.

Nikki, Poerl and Dao-Linh are given a space-ship with which they can leave Ctl II under the condition that no one ever comes back to visit Ctl, because the reawakening robots do not want to be disturbed trying to reach the ideal state of zero. The ship transports them to an asteroid that is the base of the Knowing Women. Nikki and the Knowing Women begin to talk about a true peace between the Kartanin and the people of the Milky Way. Nikki's crew is to bring news of the offer of peace to the Milky Way while Nikki, Poerl and Dao-Linh stay with the Knowing Women.

Andreas Jške 2008-04-25

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