1337 - Krieg der Esper
War of the Esper
Ernst Vlcek

Nikki Frickel managed to capture Dao-Linh-H'ay. But now the Kartanin block all PIG-bases and hunt Nikki on her ship WAGEIO. After three months of hunt they head for a dust-nebula. But that nebula is 'raknor' or forbidden for the Kartanin. At last the Knowing Women lose their patience and order a full scale psionic attack on the WAGEIO. The ship is lost, crashes into a nearby sun and the crew is captured by the Kartanin. But Nikki Frikkel, Poerl Alcoun and Dao-Lin-H'ay can escape in a small rescue-ship and head into the center of the nebula where the Kartanin dare not follow them. On the Kartanin military frequency they are contacted by the Voice Of Ctl and asked to land on the second planet of Ctl a sun near the center of the nebula. They follow that invitation.

Andreas Jške 2008-04-25

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