1336 - Der Jäger von Gatas
The Hunter Of Gatas
H.G. Ewers

October 446. A Hanse-fleet is attacked by a fleet of Blues because a psionic storm swept them into the territory of the Blues. They can however escape and reach Terra. Homer G. Adams now sees the time come to make an honest peace with the Kartanin in order to not split forces between the Blues- and the Kartanin-situation. He sends an ambassador to Pinwheel where Nikki Frickel, head of the PIG, is missing for weeks now.

Julian Tifflor and Nia Selegris make contact with Trüliit and Symfali, two Blues who hide in catacombs on Gatas. But they are all arrested even though Tarnak, Trüliits adopted son warded off a couple of attacks of Presents Of the Hesperides and police forces of the Blues initially. Alerted by Domo Sokrat and Benk Monz a fleet of Halutians attack Gatas with paralyzers and free Tiff, Nia, Trüliit, Symfali and Tarnak. They build a hidden base for the resistance on Gatas and leave again.

Tiff decides to weaken Stygians position by announcing the death of the Eternal Warrior Pelyfor.

Tirzo and Guang-Da-G'ahd, who helped the Halutians before now find the time to meet Arfrar. Arfrar greets Guang-Da-G'ahd as a sister-being.

Andreas Jäke 2008-04-25

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