1335 - Die Verlorenen Geschenke der Hesperiden
The lost presents of the Hesperides
Arndt Ellmer

The presents offer themselfs and the knowledge of ESTARTU to the Blues. But there are not enough presents for every Blue so the desire to own one -that the presents themselfes plant in their hearts- leads to envy and rage with the Blues that have no present. The ones with presents become more and more arrogant and aggressive. The result is that the Blues decide to fight against Sotho Tyg Ian and demand that the other galactic nations do the same or be considered enemies as well. And their aggression also turns against people of their own folk that distrust the presents or are simply immune to their psionic emanation. Thus the former Hanse-specialist Trüliit becomes arrested after he sent away his present, seeing that it does him and no one else any good. But he is freed by his adopted son Tarnak who is not a Blue but a Paddler and therefore extremely gifted in technical terms.

Meanwhile Domo Sokrat and Benk Monz fly to Halut to bid their folk help the Blues. And Tirzo, a Blue working for the GOI makes first contact to Arfrar a Nakk. Arfrar agrees to meet the Blue whose psionic talents make him feel related to each other.


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