1334 - Der Zweck heiligt die Mittel
The end justifies the means
Clark Darlton

Gucky arrives on Asporc and discovers the Kartanin Guang-Da-G'ahd that lives there for 14 years now gathering information on the Milky Way for the Voice Of Ardustaar. Captain Ahab alias Stalker lands on Asporc too and intends to sell paratau to Guang-Da-G'ahd who is a casual customer. Guang-Da-G'ahd gets the order to make contact to the GOI from the Voice and thinks that Captain Ahab would be the right person to speak to. But to avoid that he gets suspicious and furthermore gain his trust she makes a play. She informs Windaji Kutisha, the Terrible Hunter, of the imminent arrival of Captain Ahab. Kutisha's men are now able to capture Ahab and his crew and Kutisha himself comes to question them. Just as Ahab and Gucky almost snap under torture Guang-Da-G'ahd bids Kutisha for a few moments alone with the captives. Kutisha trusts her because she was the one who made the capture possible in the first place. But Guang-Da-G'ahd frees Ahab and Gucky instead and they can flee. Before the two Guang-Da-G'ahd claims that she only informed Kutisha because he would have captured them anyways and it would have been the only way to gain his trust enough to get near to them and free them. Together they free Ahabs crew and damage the ships of Kutisha. The can flee from Asporc but are unable to capture Kutisha. Guang-Da-G'ahd joins the GOI.

Andreas Jške 2008-04-25

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