1333 - Im Bann des Psichogons
Under the spell of the psichogon
Kurt Mahr

Bully and his crew on the EXPLORER meet the GREY SQUIRREL a former member of the EXPLORER-conglomerat and exchange news. Bully learns that Asporc, a planet in the far outer rim of the Milky Way is chosen as a place where making contact with the GOI (Galactic Organic Independence) for homecoming vironauts is possible. When he enters that information into an information-node of the Travelers Of The Net he gets a message that Gucky awaits him on Pinnafor. Bully flies to Pinnafor and rescues Gucky who lost his psionic abilitys when he entered a crashed Kartanin ship where two surviving Kartanin guard a huge amount of paratau. The constant presence of the paratau caused mental illness and heavy bodily mutations on the two helpless Kartanin. Bully decides to take them and the paratau with him and go to the planet the Kartanin originally intended to go to. Gucky leaves for Asporc.

Andreas Jške 2008-04-25

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