1332 - Die Höhlen der Ewigkeit
The Caves Of Eternity
Peter Griese

The Caves Of Eternity is a large complex of connected caves in multiple stories under the palace of Ijarkor on his home moon. In them lives Jeo, a Paillar that once was brought there by Ijarkor to be punished. Jeo now lives there with Kera-Hua-Zatara a plant that turns out to be the mother of Comanzatara and Huakaggachua. She can foresee the tide of events during the Game Of Life that is held in the Siom-system this time. She tells Jeo about it:

During the Game Of Life the Ophalians begin to sing their psionic song. The energy of their song interferes with the energy of the Heraldic Gate on Siom and the teleport-system. This leads to the destruction of the gate in an explosion. The explosion causes a psionic shock wave that hits -amongst others- the Heraldic Gates on Paillar and Lombok where at each 150.000 Ophalians are also singing the song. Now these two gates also brake down and the shockwave becomes powerfull enough to destroy all the remaining Heraldiv Gates. The Kalmen-zone of Siom-Som thus becomes obliterated.

After Ijarkor is defeated heavily his Animateur Srolg takes over the reign of Siom-Som saying that the Eternal Warriors have failed ESTARTU and now the animateurs as the true legal heirs of ESTARTU will now rule the 12 galaxies of her realm. He does not punish the Ophalians because they did not know what they did. They were instructed to sing this song by their master Salaam Siin who works together with Ronald Tekener and Roi Danton and the Travelers of The Net. Those three Srolg and Lainish now try to capture.

Ronald, Roi and Salaam try to reach an escape-ship that is stationed in the Caves Of Eternity. There the meet Jeo and Kera-Hua-Zatara. They help healing the exhausted plant and in return Jeo guides them to the ship avoiding Lainish and his troops. But some of Lainish's troops find Jeo and recognize that he helped the fugitives. In a last effort Kera-Hua-Zatara turns herself into a wall of fire, killing the troops and rescueing Jeo. She realizes then in a vision that her children Comanzatara and Huakaggachua are on Terra and Sabhal in safety and dies peacefully.

Andreas Jäke 2008-04-25

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