1331 - Zu Ehren Ijarkors
In honour of Ijarkor
H.G. Francis

One half of the abducted Ophalians materializes on Lombok, the other on Paillar. Roi Danton and Salaam Siin fly to Paillar to check out the situation. Lainish follows them because he still thinks that they want to somehow send the Ophalians to Siom and wants to prohibit that. On Paillar he accuses Roi and Salaam in front of codex-protector Dokroed to have manipulated the Heraldic Gates, though it was of course he who actually did that.

Meanwhile Aysxixa, an ambitious Gavvron and Lainish's lover, tries to become master of the Heraldic Gate on Paillar by poisoning 40 of the 500 Nakk that control the gate with a psionic substance that makes them slave to her will. By this she causes a destabilization of the gate that becomes short of exploding and destroying the whole planet in the course. The 150.000 Ophalians on Paillar can avoid this by beginning to sing and redirect the psionic energies that are out of control. They are helped also by the 150.000 Ophalians on Lombok who joined the song when they felt the need of the Ophalians on Paillar. Now both Heraldic gates remain blocked for a certain time preventing the 300.000 Ophalians from reaching Siom in accordance with the plan of the Travelers Of The Net.

Lainish is left behind on Paillar and Roi and Salaam return to Siom. There, Ijarkor just arrives via his Heraldic Gate. He seems to be very confused and upset and announces to the horror of his people: "The rumors are correct - ESTARTU does not live here any more".

Andreas Jške 2008-04-16

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