1330 - Flucht aus dem Vergessen
Flight from oblivion
K.H. Scheer

Perry Rhodan bids the 510 year old Ertrusian Taffas Rozoll to take the Gavvron ship TAAHHL with transform-bombs aboard, fly near the KLOTZ and write the old USO-sign for LYRA with the bombs in the sky. This shall show Ratber Tostan and Posy Poos that their call was heard and understood. Tostan sees and recognizes the sign and starts making his way to a hangar where he hopes to find a ship with which he and Posy Poos can leave the KLOTZ. On their way they see that more and more folks on board the KLOTZ are becoming active again. For example the Traav, saurian creatures that are the fighting force of the project-coordinators that run the KLOTZ and try to hinder Tostan and Posy from leaving it. An inter-cosmic probe of Waringer informs Tostan and Posy that Taffas Rozoll is waiting outside for them. The two manage to board the Tsunami-32 and leave the KLOTZ. Outside they make contact with Rozoll.

Andreas Jške 2008-04-16

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