133 - Roboter, Bomben und Mutanten
Robots, Bombs and Mutants
William Voltz

Since the Posbis occupied Panotol, the Terrans fear that they will seize the memory banks of the TOTZTA-IX, containing among other things the Earth's galactic coordinates. The problem of the Springer prisoners also must be addressed. On January 31, 2113, operation "Liberation" is launched. While the Terran fleet, utilizing extra-powerful fusion warheads, occupies the attention of the Posbis, the cruiser SAN JOSE approaches Panotol and deposits on its surface a commando team. This team is composed of fifteen mutants and thirty-five technicians, disguised as robots and provided individual mental absorbers. Their mission is to rescue the Springer prisoners and activate the Akonide transmitter aboard the TOTZTA-IX.

The commando team separates into two groups. One group moves to the residential domes where the Springer prisoners are located while the other group heads toward the spaceport where the Mounder vessel is located. There, they realize that they need Akonide specialists in order to make the transmitter functional again. The Akonides brought to Panotol by the Mounder Totztal are located among the Springer prisoners and convinced to work with their Terran rescuers. The Akonide transmitter device is finally synchronized with the accepting station situated on the ALEXANDER.

Perry Rhodan then launches a vast offensive that diverts the attention of the Posbis while the nine thousand Springers are evacuated. Once the last man is safe, Pucky deposits a bomb in the TOTZTA-IX which is subsequently destroyed along with its valuable information regarding the Earth's location.

Michael P. Mahoney 2009-01-22

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