1329 - Der Raub der Hybride
The robbery of the hybrid
Ernst Vlcek

Alaska Saedelaere returns to the lake Talsamon and searches for his partner Testare. But he can only find a recording in which Testare informs him that he was on Sabhal (the headquarter-planet of the Travelers Of The Net) and found out that the Querions criticize the actions of the Travelers from the Milky Way. He also urges him to free the Jennifer Thyron/Demeter-hybrid. He himself is on an own errand that he does not reveal, because he needs to do something on his own and gain a little more independence from Alaska.

Alaska travels to Sabhal and takes part in a meeting of Perry Rhodan, Atlan, Jen Salik and the Querion Caneasi. Caneasi states that he and the other Querions think that the fight against the Eternal Warriors that the galactic Travelers have intensified very much lately is not the main goal of the Travelers Of The Net which is the protection of DORIFER. Therefore Perry and his friends are still free to do as they want but are reminded that the Querions will not assist them. Also they are unwilling to give information about the time when the philosophy of the Eternal Conflict arose, especially because IT is not telling them anything in the first place though IT knows much more. After the meeting Jen Salik heads off for the Dome Kesdschan to try and rid himself, Perry and Atlan of the aura of the Knights Of The Deep.

Alaska flies to Taloz, Lainish's secret base, where he intends to free the hybrid. He is imprisoned by Lainish who leaves Taloz in an attempt to sabotage the assembling of the 1.300.000 Ophalians that are to sing in the Siom-system during the next Game Of Life. Meanwhile Faragha the Nakk experiments with the hybrid and wants to even add Alaska to the it. Alaska is embedded in the hybrid and makes contact with Jennifer and Demeter. He informs them that he is about to rescue them and bids them to tell Lainish that he must divert 300.000 Ophalians while they travel via a Heraldic Gate to Siom to two different planets in order to sabotage the Game Of Life and thus bring Roi Danton and Ronald Tekener in Ijarkor's miscredit. Faragha has to end the experiment and free Alaska from the hybrid when Lainish returns earlier than expected because he was unsuccessful and wants to take counsel from the hybrid. The hybrid tells Lainish exactly what Alaska wanted it to and thus Lainish in an attempt to ruin Roi and Ronald becomes a helper of the Travelers Of The Net unknowingly.

Lainish and Faragha leave Taloz to prepare the diversion of the Ophalians. Faragha who thinks Alaska is his ally informs him that a ship is to bring the hybrid out of Lainish's reach into safety while they are absent. Alaska manages to enter the ship and get the hybrid with the help of Irmina Kotschistowa who begins trying to separate Demeter, Jennifer and the three Siganese from the plant.

Andreas Jške 2008-04-16

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