1328 - Die Harmonie des Todes
The Harmony of Death
Robert Feldhoff

For the young Ophaler Salaam Siin, the reception-examination is imminent at the Singing school. Although he is convinced of his proficiency, at first the 16-year old is excited. The reason for it is the Standard that he has chosen. He would like to recite the “Chant of the Heraldic Gates of Siom Som”, a piece even that even for a qualified vocalist, demands all. Although his father and his good friend Ondech try to dissuade him from this craziness, he doesn't let it discourage him from his goal.

His courage shrinks, depressed from the examination-hall a little, as Ondech, who was before him, had failed. The misshapen Ophaler is a very good singer but nevertheless has not managed it. However now, it is too late for him to back out. Salaam Siin enters the examination-hall and sings. Although he wobbles something lifts him in the end. Never has someone his age sung the chorale so well.

His career proceeds better than expected. In a few short years he leaves his home planet Zaatur for Mardakaan, the center of the Ophalisch life, to him, to be accepted into the Belku namtal chant-school. To the school, whose name means “Ode to her Fight”, it becomes very quickly clear that different wind blows here than on his home world. On Mardakaan, the skill of the chant doesn't stand in the foreground. It is Effect, which is arranged mainly by the psionic component, which stands in the foreground. Aim the chants is the teaching of the eternal conflict, from which ESTARTU one proclaims to glorify.

His roommate of Kaleng Proo is a glowing admirer of this teaching, while Salaam Siin has his misgivings against them; something he of course frankly can not speak of. Between Salaam and his roommate, who admittedly takes second place to him vocally from the psionic force that he puts into his chant, an enmity develops.

Both make their way to the Belku namtal and develop themselves. Salaam even succeeds to educe a new Chorale, which has a disastrous effect on the listeners. Salaam is solidly convinced that he has discovered one of the forbidden chants. He vows to himself after this, never to recite the chant publicly, and names it “Nambaq siwa” – the chant of Death.

One day, Salaams Siins and Kaleng Proos chant teacher suddenly and unexpectedly dies. His successor is to be chosen between the two of them. Both are prepared to audition. After Kaleng Proo proclaims the singing of the teaching of the eternal conflict, Salaam recognizes that he doesn't want to accept the position. He doesn't object to Kaleng Proo’s succession, and leaves the Belku namtal too. From now on he travels, tracking down driven young singers.

He quickly acquires a good reputation and lives on the revenues from the concerts. Again and again, he sights young talents and some, he helps enter the Belku namtals.

One day, his way leads him to Zaatur. Returned to his home planet, he would like to see his family again. However, he doesn't remember his birthplace. Ondech, who he meets in the Singing school, tells him something has happened. A prophet visited Zaatur, and demanded he sing the “Chant of the Actions Ijarkors”. The difficult chorale overtaxed the unpracticed Singers of the colonial-planet, who got in psionic component, without control. Many Ophalers died, including the whole family Salaam Siins. Also Ondech lost many relatives. He ask Salaam if he can accompany him. He is pleased for the company of his good friend and agrees.

The two travel the Galaxy. Siom Som is extremely successful and fills the predominantly Ophaler public with enthusiasm. However on an insignificant colonial-planet, a catastrophe occurs. Salaam Siins is lured into a trap. Only thanks to his chant, the one with a sedative effect, and the help of a grand humanoid strangers, can he free himself. Help comes for Ondech too late however, and Salaams friend dies in the turmoil.

One of the foreigners introduces himself to Salaam as Alaska Saedelaere. He belongs to the organization of the Travelers of the Net, which stands in opposition to the eternal warriors. The members of this organization can use the preference-pole of the Psionic net to overcome great distances. Saedelaere introduces Salaam Siin to the goals of the Net Travelers and asks him to join the organization. As he recognizes, that a manipulation of DORIFERs, as it with the creation of Kalmenzonen happens, is morally extremely reprehensibly, he joins the organization. On Sabhal, the main world of the Net Travelers, the psionic Imprint is lent him, which lets him tour the preferred paths of the Psionic net.

Also his spaceship is constructed on Sabhal. The HARMONY contains a chant-cathedral in which Salaam Siin can develop the psionic component of the chants. Ready to burst to have the chant-cathedral, the Ophaler accepts and becomes the first Traveler of the Net DORIFER-Capsule on board. Salaam Siin hides his spaceship in a solar-corona and comes back to Mardakaan, where he establishes a chant-school. He gives it the name ‘Nambicu ara wada’, we sing for her Honor, and already announces his opposition to the Belku Namtal with the name.

Kaleng Proo, who has risen to the leader of the Belku Namtal in the meantime, is not unaware of Salaams works. He threatens him, stating he will have great problems, if he dare to step into competition with his Singing school.

Salaam Siin cannot be intimidated. His school becomes very popular and convinces not only through the quantity of the singers but also through their quality. Beside his work, Salaam explores on board his ship HARMONY, the potentialities that the Chant of Death offers for him.

The Nambicu ara wada prospers and enters the next ‘Games of Life’, that takes place once every Mardakaan year and represents the most important cultural event of the Ophaler, to sing in. The Singing school of Salaam Siin can lead 1.3 million singers. The most important task of the Singing school in the game of the life consists of generating a suggestive background to glorify the teaching of the eternal conflict.

The organization of the Net Travelers becomes popular. As the Vironauts are powerfully concentrated in ESTARTUs, Perry Rhodan and ZA-Träger appear. They are also at the next meeting with them. In this, a plan forms against the eternal Warriors, convinced that Salaam Siins Singing school should declare entry in the next Games of Life.

Although his Singing school has reached a very high qualitative level, the qualification is for the Nambicu ara wada is not easy. Salaam Siin works hard and puts underneath many Chants the dangerous scales of the Nambaq siwa. This particular scale quickly becomes the landmark of his Singing school.

Another event makes the coming Game of Life somewhat particular. The two Terrans Roi Danton and Ronald Tekener organize this. The two plan to honor the games by not having them on Mardakaan, but in the Siom-System, the center of the powerful concentration of ESTARTUs. As this message of Graucum, as the government head Mardakaans is known, creates displeasure in the population at first; how can one break with the tradition so simply? However in time the realization grows and is generally accepted that it is an honor, that the chants of the Ophaler, will now be carried into the center of this powerful concentration.

As before each Game of Life, a match will determine at that time, which Singing school will become the leader. After initial difficulties, the Nambicu ara wada reaches its optimal levels and manages to make it to the finals. Their opponent is the Belku Namtal.

However Kaleng Proo doesn't fight fair. Before the final day, he attempts to derail Salaam Siin. Thanks to one student, Salaam Siin uncovers the attempted fraud but cannot prove Kaleng Proo had anything to do with it. The fact that the student, that pointed out the stations, vanishes without a trace, makes proving it impossible. Salaam Siin realizes that the stations represented only one plot. The fact that he doesn’t know the true plan of Kaleng Proos, evokes strong unrest in him.

The final day arrives. The stadium in which the finale takes place is overcrowded and with Tekener and Danton as grand prominent figures among the spectators. Despite the unrest Salaam Siin feels, his Singing school still reaches its accustomed level again. Kaleng Proo, driven mad by the need to win, applies a forbidden chant in his psionic component, bringing danger to all present. Salaam Siins and his students are very strongly affected, being in close spatial proximity. With his last strength, Salaam leaves his students in the Nambaqs siwa, and strikes up the Chant of Death. This unfurls his disastrous effect; Kaleng Proo, and his students are swept away by the psionic strength and disintegrate into dust.

The winner of the match is the Nambicu ara wada; however an insipid aftertaste remains. Roi Danton and Ronald Tekener, although shocked by the events, are content in the knowledge that the preparations for the planned assassination will go ahead as planned.

Mark Gearhart 2006-03-21

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