1327 - Das Geheimnis der Wissenden
The Secret of the Knowing Women
Marianne Sydow

To Dao-Lin-H'ay's horror, the Knowing Women decide to feign their own death, using 18 very old Kartanin women - amongst them her former teacher Vai-Sinh-H'ay - in order to get the PIG (Pinwheel Information Group) off their trail. The women are stationed on the ARDUSTAAR, a ship of the MASURA-class and with the help of paratau put into a state of trance in which they believe they actually are the Knowing Women and have to die to protect the secret of the Kartanin. The ship is positioned outside Pinwheel where the PIG and the Knowing Woman made first contact.

Nikki Frikkel and her crew, most notably the paratensor Poerl Alcoun, find the ship and chase it for a couple of days before it lands on the planet Nyrello. There, they very carefully approach the ARDUSTAAR in an attempt to get hold of the allegedly Knowing Woman. But in the moment they finally get too near to the ship the old women detonate a huge amount of paratau and destroy their ship, all of them dying in the process.

Dao-Lin-H'ay does not die with the old women because she was not on board when the explosion occurred. She was searching for a hide-out because she intended to rescue the old women. In the end she is found by Poerl Alcoun and Nikki Frikkel and taken aboard the WAGEIO to be questioned about the secret of the Kartanin, but she refuses to tell anything.

Andreas Jäke 2008-04-10

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