1326 - Gegenschlag der Kartanin
Counterstrike of the Kartanin
Arndt Ellmer

In the middle of April 446, to the PIG's (Pinwheel Information Group) surprise a fleet of Maakar land on Kabarei, where their headquarter is. The Maakar start recycling the remnants of the war they fought on the planet years before against the Kartanin. The PIG is forced to shut down all operation to stay hidden. They at first try to drive away the Maakar by activating old machinery and sending it as kind of a ghost army against the Maakar, but that plan fails.

Bonifazio "Fazzy" Slutch secretely departs from Kabarei in order to officially enter the system from the outside and make contact with the Maakar. He learns that the Kartanin invited the Maakar to recycle the left-overs. Nikki Frikkel, head of the PIG, immediately recognizes that the Kartanin used the Maakar to immobilize the PIG and create a conflict between them and the Maakar.

When this does not work out 12 Kartanin ships head for Kabarei in order to destroy the PIG-base. Fazzy claims that the Kartanin are there to attack the Maakar and they take evasive actions. The Kartanin in turn claim that they are there to attack the (now no longer) hidden base of the PIG. The Maakar decide to stay neutral and the Kartanin can be warded of in the last minute.

The Kartanin have to withdraw unsuccessfully but uphold their promise to the Maakar that they can exploit Kabarei. The PIG coexists with the Maakar in future, each minding their own business.

Andreas Jäke 2008-04-10

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