1325 - Der Tod eines Kriegers
Death Of A Warrior
Kurt Mahr

Awaiting the arrival of Pelyfor's scout-ship Enza Mansoor, Notkus Kantor and Tirzo start another experiment and prove that Tirzo is able to form a Möbius-band from a part of the Stygian-net that is cut out of the string by two striktors simultaneously. In a Möbius-band - essentialy a closed loop in hyperspace - they want to trap the fleet of Pelyfor. But first the scout arrives. To capture that ship, the string that it travels on is cut and the ship falls back into the normal universe. At once it is enclosed in an energetic sphere that it cannot escape and boarded by Galbraith Deighton and his crew. They release a huge amount of anti-codex-gas into the ship and thus free the scout and his crew from the influence of the codex-molecules. They are hold captive for the time being. From the computers aboard the scout's ship the GOI learns when and where the main host of Pelyfor's fleet will pass through.

6921 GOI ships are brought to the place where Pelyfor and his fleet will be caught in a Möbius-band. Since communication beaks down inside the Möbius-band it is expected that the ships of Pelyfor's fleet will circle the loop for a time before independently dropping back into the standard universe. This gives the GOI-ships time to overwhelm them one by one or in small groups rather than having to deal with the whole fleet at once. That plan works out fine. But when Deighton wants to arrest Pelyfor and his animator Biil, Biil takes over command and kills 13 members of Deighton's boarding party. Only with the combined efforts of Sid Avarit and Tirzo Biil can be overthrown at last. Biil dies and so does Pelyfor who now attacks Deighton. Both have been immune to the ant-codex-gas due to their excessive use of codex-molecules over aeons. The rest of the fleet is captured successfully. A little setback is that the secret weapon of Stygian, that turned out to be many Lost Gifts Of The Hesperides Of Muun, where not transported by the fleet but flew behind it. They sensed the trap and avoided it. So no one as of yet knows exactly what they are and they are on the loose, presumably entering the territory of the Blues as planned.

Back on the BASIS, it is discovered why the Hamiller-Tube a couple of months before began to speak with two voices. The Tabernacle Of Holt integrated itself into the huge syntronic computer and needed years before it recovered from the events in the Abyss. It now reveals itself and stays with the Tube, helping the GOI.

Also the identity of Peregrin is revealed: he is a projection of IT and sabotaged for a couple of months the efforts of the GOI to capture an Enerpsi-ship and learn about the Enerpsi-engine. IT did so because the GOI trusted too much in the technology without even knowing enough of the net underlying it. Now that they need information on the engine in order to find its weak spot and not to build one themselves he gave them enough clues, revealed himself and disappears.

Andreas Jäke 2008-04-09

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