1324 - Der Große Bruder
The Big Brother
Kurt Mahr

To meet the Big Brother (and at last find out who or what he is), Sid Avarit and Tirzo board the GIFFORD. They find out that the Big Brother is the BASIS, the terranian super-ship everyone thought to be lost. When Stygian "offered" to install an Enerpsi-engine on the BASIS and to man her mainly with his vassals, Galbraith Deighton and Waylon Javier decided to withdraw the ship from his access and officially left the local group. But in reality they started to collect as many scientists as they could and turned the BASIS into a flying Think Tank to maintain scientific work that otherwise would have been suppressed by Stygian, overwhelming the Milky Way with ESTARTU-technology.

Meanwhile the captured Enerpsi-ship ILSAA also arrived at the BASIS and its engine is studied by Sato Ambush and Peregrin. When confronted by Sid Avarit, Peregrin denies having been absent from the BASIS when he entered the Tschomolungma on Earth and the Feresh Tovaar 703. Deighton confirms that but Sid is not convinced.

Tiro and Sid are brought to the BASIS to help Enza Mansoor and Notkus Kantor in their effort to make the Striktor operational, a device that is capable of cutting strings of the Stygian net that replaces the psionic net in the Milky Way. They perform some successful tests, but this causes the hunters of Stygian to get on their trail. And indeed they land on Styx-IV where the experiments take place and they arrest everyone. Sato Ambush lands on Styx-IV in secret and with the help of the now operational Striktor and his psionic skills he manages to temporarily put everyone onto another level of reality. Tirzo, Sid, Enzaa and Notkus are able to escape Stygian's hunters. Sato Ambush falls into a deep coma after he exhausted himself completely in the rescue.

With the Striktor the GOI is able to intercept a message from the arriving fleet of Pelyfor, the Eternal Warrior of Muun, that announces the arrivea of a scout. It is decided that as a further test this scout is to be captured, using the Striktor.


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