H.G. Ewers

On Halut, the former guardsmen of Stygian and the alutians become friends. The Halutians destroy a ship of Stygian that tries to land on Halut and get back the guardsmen. Stygian sees that by now he cannot do anything and leaves the system.

In the Feresh Tovaar 703, Xrzach, one of the captured GOIs can escape his cell and make friends with Hygorasch. He shows him how cruel Windaji Kutisha is with the prisoners. Hygorasch is shocked and renounces his duty to Stygian. Elsande Grel and Sid Avarit reveal to Windaji that they are paratensors and offer to tell secrets of the GOI for the freedom of their companions. They say that they can only do so with the help of Paratau because they need it to work around a security block in their brains that disables them to tell about secrets of the GOI. Windaji puts all surviving GOIs on a spaceship and gives them the Paratau. Elsande and Sid use the Paratau to paralyze the whole crew of the Feresh Tovaar. They flee with their comrades on the ILSAA but are followed by the HADRAMEE, a ship of the Terrible Hunter. On board the HADRAMEE is Hygorasch who can prevent the destruction of the ILSAA in the last minute and is rescued by Sid Avarit before the HADRAMEE crashes into a nearby sun. They all get rescued by the ADMIRAL HOORN. Hygorasch decides to officialy go back to Stygian again in order to free his brother before he can join the GOI.

Andreas Jške 2008-04-08

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