1322 - Rebellion der Haluter
Rebellion of the Halutians
H.G. Ewers

After they left the Galacticum, the Halutians don't need to keep their peace with Stygian any more and four of them demolish the Upanishad on Halut. In answer to that, Stygian comes to Halut and drops 120.000 guardsmen on the planet with the order to conquer the Halutians. With the help of the GOI, the Halutians prepare a trap for the guardsmen. They come together in a fake city of ruins with all the guardsmen surrounding them. Then they release a huge cloud of anti-codex-gas knocking the guardsmen out and freeing them from the influence of the codex-gas. The guardsman claim asylum when they reawaken and Stygian loses them all without a single blood shed.

In the meantime, the GOI wants to abduct one of the ships the guardsmen came in in order to get possession of an Enerpsi-engine. However, onboard the ship is Hygorasch, a Vomager that is reduced to a stable mass of cells and put into a paladin, a robot that looks like a Halutian. He can manipulate the psi-strings along which the ship flies and thus the GOI-members end up at a Feresh Tovaar in the hands of Windaji Kutisha, the Terrible Hunter. But Hygorasch instantaneously falls in love with Elsande Grel and tries to prevent Windji Kutisha from using torture on the GOIs.

Cedric Beust 2008-04-08

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