1321 - Brennpunkt Big Planet
Focus on Big Planet
H.G. Francis

Stalker in his new identity as Captain Ahab brings Julian Tifflor and Nia Selegris to the cosmic bazar Bergen where they observe and advise a conference of the Galacticum. The conference discusses the consequences of the information obtained in the SOTHOM, especially Stygians plan to invade the Blues with a huge fleet he ordered from the eternal warrior Pelyfor. Julian and Nia assure the ambassador of the Blues of the help of the GOI. The Halutians leave the Galacticum so that they can work with the GOI and fight against Stygian without compromising the Galacticum.

Meanwhile Stalker flies to Terzrock, the Big Planet, where, for 15 years, Domo Sokrat has been imprisoned under the force field that Stygian put around the planet. He wants to free him with the help of Tirzo who is able with the help of Paratau to look in different dimensions.

Domo Sokrat and a Benk Monz, a friend of his, manage to enter a pyramid that allegedly leads out of the force field. They survive the hundreds of deadly traps in the pyramid and, as a reward, they are teleported out of the pyramid and aboard a satellite where they are offered to become shads - pupils in an Upanishad. They refuse and flee the satellite. In space they are found and rescued by Stalker who brings them to Julian and Nia.

Andreas Jške 2008-04-08

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