1320 - Tostan, der Spieler
Tostan the Player
K.H. Scheer

In the KLOTZ, Ratber Tostan, a terran and Posy Poos, a Swoon, awaken. Slowly they regain their memory while fighting for survival in a hostile environment.

In the 35th century, Tostan was a major with the USO. He lost his corvette while gambling under the influence of drugs. He manages to destroy the corvette so it would not fall into the hands of the enemy but still, Atlan is upset and fires him. Tostan now opens a casino and founds a sect to make money. He endures the withdrawal of drugs but gets skinny to the bones in the process. He now looks like a walking dead. As a form of repentance he organizes two thousand kilograms of a special kind of Howalgonium that Perry Rhodan needs to put the Earth 5 seconds into the future and thus out of the reach of his enemies at that time.

Tostan then has to flee those same enemies for his help for Perry Rhodan. He decides to sleep for ten years in an old abandoned USO-base in a freezer. But the machine does not wake him up properlyand he is found 548 years later by the Swoon Posy Poos and takes over the command of the TSUNAMI-units 31 and 32 with Posy as his coco-interpreter. In the years 430 NGT the Grigoroff-converter of his ship collapses and he and Posy are transported into the KLOTZ.

Tostan and Posy manage to find a hyper-radio-station and make a call that identifies him. That call is heard by Geoffrey Abel Waringer who watches the KLOTZ.

Andreas Jške 2008-04-08

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