132 - Die Macht der Unheimlichen
The Sinister Power
Kurt Brand

Facing the danger that the Posbis represent, the Arkonide and Terran Fleets discreetly position themselves on the edge of the galaxy, facing the Andromeda Nebula.

The Akonides obtain the services of the Mounder Totztal. He is charged with transporting an Akonide scientific team to the planet Panotol located near of the zone of the Arkonide and Terran ship concentration. Their mission is to determine the reason for such a large Arkonide and Terran military buildup. In exchange, the Akonides equip the Mounder ships with new structure neutralizers. The Terrans learn about this mission and declare the planet Panotol is now in the forbidden zone and is off limits.

The roboticist Van Moders, who a physician has forced to sleep, begins to understand how the hypertronic linkage between the positronic portion and the protoplasm portion of the Posbis works.

A squadron which is keeping an eye on Frago signals to the Terran Fleet that a massive displacement of Posbi vessels is heading toward the Panot System. Perry Rhodan orders Terran ships to intercept them.

When the ships of the Mounder Totztal arrives in the Panot System, it is nearly entirely decimated by one Posbi Fragment Ship. Totztalís flagship, the TOTZTA-IX, succeeds in escaping and landing on Panotol. Totztal uses the hypercom to warn the galaxy of the Posbi fragment ship danger.

The Terrans confront the fragment vessel but when Posbi reinforcements arrive, they are obliged to retreat. A commando team is sent to the surface of Panotol with the mission to destroy the hypercom transmitter before it invokes panic throughout the galaxy. The Gazelle of Mahaut Sikhra is cut down but he and his five man commando team progress on foot.

The Posbis completely annihilate the city of the Springers on Panotol, in the process killing the Mounder Totztal. The number of Posbis on the surface of the planet is so great that the Terran commando team can not accomplish its mission. The team is rescued thanks to the quick action of Pucky.

However, the commando mission is not a complete failure. The Terrans now have confirmation that the Posbis are capable of learning.

Michael P. Mahoney 2008-03-11

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