1319 - Konferenz der Sieger
Conference of the Warriors
Peter Griese

Ijarkor, most famous of the 12 Eternal Warriors, invites all the other Warriors to his home base for a conference. He wants to eliminate the rumor the Travelers Of The Net planted that says that ESTARTU is not living in her realm any more. Also he wants to clarify why the warrior Pelyfor is assembling a huge fleet of spaceships. The Warriors are very uncooperative and the conference is not being very productive. Nobody really trusts each other. In the end Ijarkor announces that he will fly to Etustar where ESTARTU allegedly lives and he will bring back proof of her existence. For that he is honored by the other warriors by holding the next Game Of Life in his system and make it the grandest of all.

In the meantime, Ronald Tekener and Roi Danton joined the conference to obtain their pardon for escaping the orphic maze. They offer to organize the Game Of Life for Ijarkor and their request is granted. Suddenly 12 animators enter the conference and say that the thoughts of the warriors are heretic. Each of them will stay with a warrior to ensure that they will focus on absolute obedience to the Kodex again.

After that Pelyfor announces that Sotho Styg Ian requested the large fleet he build to help him conquer the Milky Way.

Andreas Jške 2008-04-08

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