1318 - DORIFER
Kurt Mahr

Atlans wants to fly into DORIFER the cosmic nucleotid the Travelers Of The Net are protecting because it shows some unusual activity since the KLOTZ arrived five month earlier near it. Eirene, Perry Rhodan's and Gesil's daughter wants to accomany him but is not allowed to because she is a Traveler Of The Net for only about have a year and as a rule a Traveler Of The Net must have five years experience before entering DORIFER. But she manages to sneak aboard Atlan's DORIFER-capsule NARU, the small ship that he enters DORIFER with. To navigate in DORIFER the DORIFER-capsule and the pilot must be a mental unit and the pilot has to be relaxed and concentrated. When Eirene shows up Atlan looses concentration and the capsule looses it's way. They are now lost in DORIFER and as of yet no one lost ever managed to leave DORIFER again.

The capsule gets attracted by one of the myriads of psi-quants (psiqs) that fly in DORIFER chaotically, always colliding and in this way creating possible futures for the universe. When they hit the psiq they are catapulte into one possible future of the cosmos and land on Paillar. There the become witnesses of the Eternal Warrior's final victory over the Travelers Of The Net by finally making the whole realm of ESTARTU a Kalmen-zone without the psionic net. DORIFER answers with increasing the psionic constant which in turn causes this whole region of the universe to collapse and end all life. Shortly before Paillar desintegrates they escape with the help of a small lizard-like creature that Eirene identifies to be of help by the inherent cosmic wisdom she subconsciously has because she is the daughter of an incarnation of a kosmokrat.

Back aboard NARU Atlan and Eirene first think they are back in the standard-universe but they find that the group of galaxies ahead of them is in fact the local group containing the Milky Way. But there is one huge additional galaxy and that tells them that they are in just another possible future. The fly to that new galaxy and find a colony of Kartanin on it's outskirts. There the creature that helped them before reappears. He calls himself Tumika and claims to be the servant of Si Kitu, the Mother Of Enthropie. He offers to bring them back into the standard universe if they destroy of power-factory of the Kartanin in return, which he cannot do himself because he is not substantial. Atlan and Eirene intend to do his bidding but in the last moment before Atlan actually destroys the power plant they learn that this would cause the death of all Kartanin and they refrain from their work. Eirene in her wrath over the intention of Si Kitu and Tumika remembers a way how to force them to withdraw and send herself and Atlan back into the standard universe. It is by just calling Si Kitu by her second name which means as much as whore and which she cannot stand being called by. Thus Atlan and Eirene can finally return to Sabhal and deliver the data they collected.

Andreas Jške 2008-03-31

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