1317 - Die Orphischen Labyrinthe
The Orphic Mazes
Ernst Vlcek

77 hunters enter the Orphic Maze on Yagguzan. They all obtain forms of residents of the maze. Lainish enters with Alaska Saedelaere and two humanoids called Sijol Caraes and Agruer Ejskee as a party of hunters. Their aim is to hunt down Ronald Tekener and Roi Danton, who were banned into the maze by the Eternal Warrior Ijarkor fifteen years before. Of cause Alaska secretely wants to free them. Veth Leburian and Srimavo also enter as a party of hunters but also intend to free Ron and Roi. Finally Perry Rhodan also enters the maze but not as a hunter. He lets himself willingly get caught in the maze where he would be trapped forever if he had not the Maze-Diver with him, a device invented by Geoffrey Abel Waringer that makes it possible to escape the maze. He also sets out to free Ron and Roi.

Alaska is made bait to a trap to Ron and Roi and left behind by Lainish and the other two. There he meets secretely with Veth and Srimavo who intend to stick around awaiting the meeting of Lainish and his party with Ron and Roi.

Roi meets his father and nearly kills him before he recognizes him. He says that he and Ron intend to escape the maze but that they want to do so on their own thus becoming free men again. To that effect they want to confront and fight Lainish.

Lainish sees that his first trap does not work and heads of with all of his party to a red-eye, a psionic phenomenon that represents an even farther remote plane of existence than the maze is they are already in. There hunters and hunted can meet before the actual fight and exchange tokens of respect without being able to fight. In this way he offers himself as bait because he knows Ron and Roi will meet him there. Sijol Caraes and Agruer Ejskee are left behind to take advantage of the situation and destroy Ron's and Roi's bodies that are left helplessly outside the red-eye. Alaska wants to warn Ron and Roi when they show up but does not get the chance to do so. Ron and Roi leave after a short conversation with Lainish and when Alaska and Lainish leave after them, Alaska finds the destroyed bodies of Ron and Roi, thinking them dead. But actually Vet and Srimavo followed Sijol Caraes and Agruer Ejskee and forced them to enter the red-eye the moment Ron and Roi left it. Ron and Roi enter the bodies of Sijol Caraes and Agruer Ejskee instead of their own ones and thus Lainish is fooled into taking Ron and Roi with him after the hunt.

Ron and Roi claim amnestie as soon as they leave the maze, because that is the right of the hunted if they manage to escape the maze. Their request is granted and they are going to speak before Ijarkor. Alaska is left behind by the angry Lainish and returns to Lake Talsamon to join with his partner Testare. He now knows the coordinates of Lainish's home world that he made him give to him as a precaution if they get separated druing the hunt. But for now he keeps them to himself. Perry Rhodan meets with Irmina Kotschistowa and they return to Sabhal the main planet of the Travelers Of The Net. He informs Geoffrey about a few adjustments that have to be made to the maze-diver, because in the end he could only use it properly with the help of Veth and Srimavo. Veth and Sri leave Yagguzan, too.

Andreas Jške 2008-03-31

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