1316 - Die Kalydonische Jagd
The Calydonic Hunt
Ernst Vlcek

Lainish, a dwarf-gavvron, head of the Hatuatano, the House Of Five Steps, intends to fetch Ronald Tekener and Roi Danton from the Orphic Maze they were banned into. To achieve this he joins the Calydonic Hunt that is held in the maze. Alaska Saedelaere is a member of his party. He joined Lainish to rescue Roi and Ronald. Veth Leburian and Srimavo are joining the hunt too, also to rescue the two. Finally Perry Rhodan himself wants to help rescuing his son Roi and Ronald. He chooses to get willingly caught in a trap that transports him into the maze. With a device invented by Geoffry Abel Waringer, the maze-diver, he hopes he can escape the maze again later. The test of the device is successfull and now Perry has a few days to wait until the hunt begins and he can join forces with Alaska, Veth and Srimavo to finally rescue Roi and Ronald.

In the meantime Alaska learns about the history of the Orphic Mazes. Initially Yarun, one of the 12 Eternal Warriors build the first mazes in an ambitious attempt to create a wonder for his own galaxy Trovenoor. The idea was to gain access to a completely new dimension and to explore it for the fame of ESTARTU. But explorers came back and told about horrible monsters they encounterd in the mazes. Yarun then decided to let qualified and brave warriors enter the maze turning temporarily into monsters of the kind of the maze and let them hunt down the actual monsters. Thus the Calydonic Hunts came to be.

Andreas Jške 2008-03-27

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