1315 - Der Roboter und der KLOTZ
The Robot and the CHUNK
Peter Griese

The CHUNK is an eighty-kilometer long object several kilometers across that emerged in a huge psionic outbreak near Sabhal, the headquarters of the Travelers Of The Net, a couple of weeks ago. Its strangeness-factor is different from the strangeness-factor of things from this universe which leads Geoffrey Abel Waringer to belief it origins from a different universe. The CHUNK's powerful psionic radiation prevents everyone from reaching it because living beings get mad if they get nearer than 4 light minutes to it and all robotic crafts that contain biomass are deterred either.

Waringer invents a strangeness-shield that is intended do deflect the dangerous radiation and three Travelers Ynk, Unk and Friz Hedderle try to land on the CHUNK. But it proves that the shields are not working and they get mad when very near the CHUNK that takes the ship into its innards. Contact to the ship and the Travelers is lost.

To learn more about the CHUNK, Waringer now tries to enter the universe it came from with probes that adjust the strangeness-value of their Grigoroff-field to the strangeness-value the CHUNK had when it first materialized. Meanwhile the CHUNK's strangeness-value tends to slowly become the same that the standard-universe has. The probes mostly never return and if are mostly damaged beyond repair. Only of a few Waringer finally learns that they obviously entered the CHUNK instead of its original universe. And one probe even delivers a clear but very puzzling picture in which in the inside of the CHUNK a terranian boot and a Swoon can be seen.

Waringer sends Daniel, an antique robot, to the CHUNK. Daniel does not contain any biomass or complex positron-parts, just simple mechanics and electronics, thus being mostly immune to the psionic radiation of the CHUNK. Daniel manages to enter the CHUNK and he finds an intelligent plant that goes by the name Huakaggachua and with her help he can find Ynk, Unk and Friz Hedderle and restore their sound mind. Very exhausted they return to Sabhal and Waringer. Sadly the robot Daniel was not that unaffected by the radiation as expected and his recordings of the innards of the CHUNK are of poor quality and not much is learned. The presence of the Swoon and one Terranian that Huakaggachua can confirm remains a mystery.


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