1314 - Horchposten Pinwheel
Listening post Pinwheel
H.G. Francis

Poerl Alcoun, a Tefrodian joins the PIG (Pinwheel Information Group). She is a paratensor meaning that with the help of paratau she can activate her latent psionic talents. These are that she can listen. She can hear and even see people over great distances. But her gift comes with a price. While listening she tends to incinerate herself, the people near her or the people that she listens to at times unwillingly. She is therefore monitored while listening by four other paratensors, Gam Hoa, Eris Maylinhin, Tapar Otar and Gen Tenten, whose talent is to either force or suppress incineration.

Her talent is put to effect when Nikki Frickel, head of the PIG, follows and tries to catch Dao-Lin-H'ay a famous Kartanin, who flees from them in a spaceship in order to find and join the Knowing Women. And indeed the ship of Dao-Linh disappears but Poerl manages to keep contact and listen to her still. The PIG thus learns that the Knowing Woman are a group of 18 very old mummy-like Kartanin. They as the Voice Of Ardustaar secretly reign the Kartanin by influencing the High Women that are the rulers of the Kartanin. It is their plan to settle in LAO-SINH which is Absantha-Gom. And they are the only ones knowing about the true history of the Kartanin. One of them died just recently and Dao-Linh is to take her place. When the Knowing Women realize that Poerl is listening the attack her mentally. This causes Poerl to burn herself and Nikki badly. In a last effort she deflagrates all the paratau she has in hand spontaneously and directs the energy against the Knowing Women. She loses consciousness and the Knowing Women stop their attack thinking she died.

Nikki and Poerl return to Kabarei the headquarters of the PIG in Pinwheel and find that the Kartanin gave up the station LAMBDA CURSOR they occupied after the PIG released the ship SANAA they stopped from which Dao-Linh's flight began.

Andreas Jške 2008-03-26

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